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About Me

I am Marissa Kaye Connelly, the proud owner of Connelly Productions. In July 2022, I relocated to Newport News, VA, and embarked on an exciting new chapter. After gaining invaluable experience working under others, I decided it was time to take the next step and establish myself as a lead photographer/videographer.

Having experienced the discomfort of being on the other side of the camera, I understand the feeling of cringing or feeling ashamed of one's appearance in a photograph. However, I came to realize that it wasn't because I was inherently unattractive (as no one is), but rather because I entrusted the wrong people to capture my image. I am here to help clients avoid that sense of regret. My goal is to make them feel that the effort put into hours of makeup and selecting the perfect outfit was truly worthwhile.

One of my greatest sources of pride is my ability to bring forth the unique personality of each client in their photographs. Together, let's capture the true spirit of individuals, allowing them to feel confident and beautiful.


Thank you for taking the time to learn about Connelly Productions. I am excited about the opportunity to work with you and create remarkable photography experiences.

Marissa Connelly

Do you want to regret the photos taken during your special moments?

Didn't think so. Let's talk! 

Why Should I Care?

In 1997, my parents embarked on a whirlwind journey of love. After only three days of being engaged, they chose to elope, and they have remained together for an incredible 26 years. I am an admirer of their remarkable love story, often pestering them to recount the details time and time again. Perhaps it's the hopeless romantic within me, but I find immense joy in perusing photographs of them during their youth.

As a wedding photographer, I yearn to revel in their wedding day as if I were there. Sadly, the solitary image displayed on the screen is the sole remnant from their courthouse ceremony.

My parents serve as a powerful testament to why I am fervently driven to collaborate with you. I firmly believe that as humans, we should wholeheartedly embrace the essence of our existence by seizing the present moment.


Just as my parents fearlessly followed their hearts' deepest desires, I am inspired to capture those invaluable moments for others to cherish and reminisce upon.

Why not entrust someone else to immortalize those precious memories through the lens of a camera? Let us embark on a journey together, creating enchanting magic that will stand the test of time.

Michelle & Michael Connelly
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