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The Kuffels

Atlanta, GA Wedding Photographer

Seize The Day,
Frame The Moment

Welcome To Connelly Productions

Let's Start Our Journey

Connelly Productions is an innovative woman-owned company based in Atlanta, GA, offering exceptional videography and photography services.

Are you passionate about creating memories? Would you like your special moments in life captured? Do you want excellent results every time?

If you're going, "...well DUH!" then we would love to work with you!


We offer more than just photo & video services.

Our mission - to artfully capture fleeting moments.


Through our lens, allow us to preserve your memorable occasions, allowing you to embrace the present and later on relive them time and time again.

We believe in the power of seizing the day and celebrating the beauty of life.

The Kuffels


The Graduate


The Rom-Com


The Graduate


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